Solidarity with Ukraine – College Students Use Technology to Help Refugees Find Housing

Most of us have likely heard about the war in Ukraine and terrible devastation that is occurring.  Sometimes when a very large man-made or natural disaster occurs it is difficult to think about the perspective of individual people living through the disaster.  In today’s lesson, we will practice empathy in learning more about the experiences of individual Ukrainian families and then also how two American teenagers through creativity, wisdom and technology have come up with a way to help people fleeing the war. 

“I just knew it was me that had to do it” – Courage, Duty and Teamwork Save the Lives of Three Children

Today we’re going to learn about a young woman from Denver whose courage and sense of duty saved the lives of 3 children. Dusti Talavera was in her apartment and noticed 3 children playing on the ice of a pond just outside of her apartment when suddenly the ice gave way and all 3 children plunged into the icy water. Join us to find out how Dusti and many others saved these children’s lives, and how through her example we can be heroes too.