Experience inspiring stories about people who:

  • didn’t give up in the face of adversity
  • touched the lives of others through their caring, courage, and other virtues / strengths of character

Consider ways you can overcome obstacles in your own life and succeed in making a positive difference in the world.



Character Action Media offers video and text-based lessons and leader’s guides that will inspire students to live out the virtues, to live productive and fulfilling lives, and to become engaged citizens.

Featured Lesson

The Art of Caring

This lesson premiers stories from around the world that show both the power of words and of art – their power to inspire us, to create solidarity, and as a way to express our care for others. Through these stories, we will also learn how the virtues are universal in their impact on ourselves and on others, across place, time and cultures.

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Share the Word Video #1

Share the Word Video #2 Scroll down to the Nairobi video – start from 6:10 and end at 10:00

Peech’s Neet Feet Video

Share the Word Picture - honesty