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“I just knew it was me that had to do it” – Courage, Duty and Teamwork Save the Lives of Three Children

Today we’re going to learn about a young woman from Denver whose courage and sense of duty saved the lives of 3 children. Dusti Talavera was in her apartment and noticed 3 children playing on the ice of a pond just outside of her apartment when suddenly the ice gave way and all 3 children plunged into the icy water. Join us to find out how Dusti and many others saved these children’s lives, and how through her example we can be heroes too. 

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Young Child Sparks Movement to Help The Homeless

When we look at the world around us and the many problems we face, it’s easy to say to ourselves that I can’t make a difference, that problems such as homelessness are simply too large. It’s also easy to think that we as students, and without a lot of money, can’t make a difference. Well fortunately a young girl from Georgia, Bethany Moultry, has shown us that we can make a difference. Let’s see what is enabling this young girl and her family to help others, and along the way to inspire people from across the country to do the same.

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