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Young Child Sparks Movement to Help The Homeless

When we look at the world around us and the many problems we face, it’s easy to say to ourselves that I can’t make a difference, that problems such as homelessness are simply too large. It’s also easy to think that we as students, and without a lot of money, can’t make a difference. Well fortunately a young girl from Georgia, Bethany Moultry, has shown us that we can make a difference. Let’s see what is enabling this young girl and her family to help others, and along the way to inspire people from across the country to do the same.

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Solidarity, Kindness and Joy Amidst the Pandemic

Chances are this year has been very different for most of us than we expected. The coronavirus pandemic has caused many schools to go virtual, student sports leagues to cancel their season, businesses to shut down, graduations to cancel and birthday celebrations to be canceled or scaled back. However difficult these times are, there are […]

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Homeless to the NFL – Story of Josh Jacobs

If you’re a football fan, you may know the name Josh Jacobs. Jacobs played for Alabama, was selected as a first-round pick for the Oakland Raiders and was featured in a Super Bowl commercial. But before he became an NFL superstar, Jacobs was homeless, living with his five siblings and his father in their car. Often unsure of when and what he was going to eat, Jacobs became determined to succeed in life and he chose football as his path.

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