Experience inspiring stories about people who:

  • didn’t give up in the face of adversity
  • touched the lives of others through their caring, courage, and other virtues / strengths of character

Consider ways you can overcome obstacles in your own life and succeed in making a positive difference in the world.



Character Action Media offers video and text-based lessons and leader’s guides that will inspire students to live out the virtues, to live productive and fulfilling lives, and to become engaged citizens.

Featured Lesson

Bridging the Gap: Police Officer Leads with Love, Empathy and Respect

As a young man, Ryan Tillman experienced unfair policing and stereotyping. But instead of just complaining and not doing anything about it, Tillman decided to become a police officer to improve the relationship between his community and the police. His story gives us hope that healing and positive change is possible between communities and the men and women who protect and serve them.

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Source: breakingbarriersunited.com